roy Choi's French onion soup

Roy Choi’s French Onion Soup Recipe

I am an absolute sucker for food related TV shows. We actually got cable again for the first time in years just so I could watch The Food Network. It […]

caprese skewers

Fresh and Simple Caprese Skewers

Every time I go to a party or event, I always feel compelled to bring lots of food. It’s always been my love language to cook for people. In the […]

egg roll bowl

Unconventional Fusion Egg Roll Bowl

When I first turned 20, I had a quarter life crisis and decided to go keto. One of the most intriguing recipes I saw was for an egg roll in […]

apple dapple cake

Classic Apple Dapple Cake

When people think about local New Brunswick produce, they usually jump to fiddleheads, potatoes, or maybe seafood. Personally, I always think about going apple picking with my family or my […]

Italian herb and cheese bread

Italian Herb and Cheese Bread Subway Copycat

After hours of research and trial and error, I have discovered the holy grail recipe for Subway’s Italian Herb and Cheese Bread. Soft, fluffy and caked in cheese, this is […]

subway mayonnaise recipe

5 Minute Copycat Subway Mayonnaise

Just like every kid, mayonnaise used to be my only acceptable sandwich condiment. Out of all the brands, Subway is king. During a long weekend this summer, I decided to […]

Subway Chipotle Southwest Sauce

Subway’s Chipotle Southwest Sauce is no doubt a fan favourite, and during the last few weeks, I’ve managed to perfect this recipe from scratch at home. With only a few […]

sweet onion sauce

Subway’s Sweet Onion Sauce

When I posted about my plans to recreate Subway’s best recipes, everyone seemed to be the most excited about their sweet onion sauce. It’s cheap, quick and delicious on sandwiches, […]