roy Choi's French onion soup

Roy Choi’s French Onion Soup Recipe

I am an absolute sucker for food related TV shows. We actually got cable again for the first time in years just so I could watch The Food Network. It […]

caprese skewers

Fresh and Simple Caprese Skewers

Every time I go to a party or event, I always feel compelled to bring lots of food. It’s always been my love language to cook for people. In the […]

apple dapple cake

Classic Apple Dapple Cake

When people think about local New Brunswick produce, they usually jump to fiddleheads, potatoes, or maybe seafood. Personally, I always think about going apple picking with my family or my […]

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

The Best Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

The only thing I don’t like about cold brew coffee is how much I have to pay to enjoy it. After a few weeks of experimenting, I settled on the […]