Air Fryer Arancini


- leftover risotto - panko breadcrumbs - flour - eggs - peas - olive oil - mozzarella - parmesan

Step 1

Prepare your dredging station by filling 3 separate bowls with: - flour - eggs - panko, oil, parmesan cheese

Step 2

Mix your peas into your chilled risotto. Working one at a time, divide your risotto into 1/4 cup portions.

Step 3

Form your risotto around your mozzarella cubes and roll into a uniform shape like a meatball.

Step 4

Take your risotto ball and coat in in the flour. Make sure there are no empty spaces.

Step 5

Next, coat your risotto ball in the beaten egg mixture. Fully saturate the arancini in the egg.

Step 6

Next, coat your arancini in the breadcrumb mixture - making sure to cover every part of your risotto ball.

Step 7

Once all your risotto are formed, spray them with a bit of olive oil or cooking spray.

Step 8

Spray your Air Fryer with cooking spray. Cook the Arancini at 380 for 15-18 minutes, flipping half way.


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