How to Make the  Gin & Tonic


Step 1: Put your gin & glass in the freezer before you make the G&T.  A perfect cocktail is a cold cocktail.

Fill your glass all the way with ice. Adding more ice will help to not water down your drink by keeping the ice frozen longer.

Step 2:

Use a ratio of 1:4 for gin to tonic.  For a single, use one shot (44mL) of gin and 200mL of tonic water. Adjust to taste.

Step 3:

With a long spoon, gently mix the ice, gin and tonic in the glass for about 30 seconds to combine fully.

Step 4:

Both for taste and appearance, add a pretty garnish. My favourites are cucumber, lime or both!

Step 5:

Step 6:

BONUS!  Make sure you love your brand of tonic and gin - with such a simple drink, quality is important!

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