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My name is Lauren and I’m the creator of Maritime Glutton. I’m a 23 year old business student at the University of New Brunswick. I’m majoring in Accounting with a minor in Psychology. I also work full time as a retail associate in sales. In my spare time I garden, read cookbooks and spend time with my Golden Retriever Rosie and boyfriend Josh.

Discover Maritime Glutton

I created Maritime Glutton in early 2017 as an Instagram page. The idea was to have a way to share the foods that I was making on a dedicated platform. Creating Maritime Glutton also acted as encouragement for me to try to learn more about cooking and expand my culinary knowledge. For a few years, I had made a challenge to myself to only eat foods out that I had never tried before – so if I wanted something out I would expand my tastes, and if I was craving something, I would have to learn to try and create it myself. I no longer follow this rule, but it helped me grow an incredible curious around food that has fueled the creativity of Maritime Glutton.

Maritime Glutton has since grown from just what I cook at home to including visits to local restaurants throughout Atlantic Canada as well as a few “guest visits” to restaurants in Vancouver every time we visit my mother-in-law. Since the beginning of this project, I have learned about many different cooking techniques, foods from different cultures and grown a sizable cookbook collection. Maritime Glutton transitioned from an Instagram page to a dedicated blog in July of 2020.


When possible, I believe that growing your own food source is the best way to consume food. The next best choice is to support places who grow food in your local area. When those options aren’t possible, the next best choice is to support small businesses who sell high quality products.

Once the food is purchased, I aim to create as little food waste as possible. Maritime Glutton is conscious about food waste and has many articles that create a plan on avoiding food waste and finding ways to use regularly wasted components of food.

Outside of eating responsibly, I believe in fostering the skill of home cooking. Once eating a recipe at a restaurant, we try and recreate it so we can enjoy it from the comfort of our own home. The art of home cooking has been lost to takeout, food delivery and fast food. I would love to act as an encouragement to home cooks to start learning, expanding and fostering their cooking skills.

The last value of Maritime Glutton is that you should be able to enjoy delicious food no matter your budget. Although we often indulge in specialty ingredients, we understand that money can be tight for families. This shouldn’t get in the way of eating delicious food. As this blog started during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic in the summer of 2020, I understand how money can be tight and believe that you can still create amazing food with either few ingredients or little money (or both). Maritime Glutton has lots of recipes that are budget friendly. We try to add a price breakdown when possible using prices from stores in New Brunswick, Canada.

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