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roy Choi's French onion soup

Roy Choi’s French Onion Soup Recipe

I am an absolute sucker for food related TV shows. We actually got cable again for the first time in years just so I could watch The Food Network. It turns out though, both YouTube […]

15 Fall Recipes to Eat All Season Long

Fall is my absolute favourite season. In the Maritimes, we have the perfect weather for sweaters, lattes and fuzzy socks. The best part is the changing leaves – every time my partner’s mom visits she […]

3 Course Meal at Rustico Fredericton

Our first Maritime Glutton event was at the amazing King West Brewing Co and Rustico Fredericton on September 28th! They’re a restaurant with amazing wood fired pizza that also has a microbrewery inside. Our event […]

caprese skewers

Fresh and Simple Caprese Skewers

Every time I go to a party or event, I always feel compelled to bring lots of food. It’s always been my love language to cook for people. In the summer, though, I really just […]

egg roll bowl

Unconventional Fusion Egg Roll Bowl

When I first turned 20, I had a quarter life crisis and decided to go keto. One of the most intriguing recipes I saw was for an egg roll in a bowl from The Girl […]

apple dapple cake

Classic Apple Dapple Cake

When people think about local New Brunswick produce, they usually jump to fiddleheads, potatoes, or maybe seafood. Personally, I always think about going apple picking with my family or my best friend and her mom. […]

Italian herb and cheese bread

Italian Herb and Cheese Bread Subway Copycat

After hours of research and trial and error, I have discovered the holy grail recipe for Subway’s Italian Herb and Cheese Bread. Soft, fluffy and caked in cheese, this is THE recipe everyone needs in […]